What We Do

Civil Litigation

We will advise and assist you where you find yourself in a case which would lead to court proceedings. Whether you are in business or an individual.

Our expert advisors will advise you on the conduct of your case whether you have issued or intend to issue court proceedings.

Our advice will take in your case as a whole, in order that you can rest assured that you can make the difficult decisions which legal proceedings generally require.

Court proceedings involve a great number of legal hurdles. You have to understand the law(s) relating to your case, whether you are bringing the claim or you are defending the Claim. Then there are the procedures you have to comply with, in order to bring or defend the claim. We will also advise you and assist you on time limits. Above all, the entire process requires good management of the case and tactical awareness of the litigation process.

We will give you the information to help you decide whether your case is worth pursuing or defending. The decision to issue or defend a claim will always be yours to take. However, you need to understand the complexities of the decision you may need to make to pursue a case and/or avoid losses.

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